Author: Heather Young

Woods Humane Society Breaks Ground

Woods Humane Society broke ground on a North County spay and neuter clinic in May. The prefabricated house was delivered in mid-June and is planned to be operational by mid-July.
According to the nonprofit, the clinic will enable Woods Humane Society to meet the pressing needs of dogs and cats in North County. In 2017, the clinic in San Luis Obispo performed 4,264 spay and neuter surgeries.
“Really, what this is going to do is rise to meet the need [in the North County],” Woods Humane Society Director of Marketing & Community Programs Steve Kragenbrink said. “Two-thirds of the animals going into animal services are from North County.”

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Arlyne’s Flowers & Gifts, Since 1950

Arlyne’s Flowers and Gifts, now located at 6485 Palma Ave., has been a staple flower shop in Atascadero since Al and Arlyne Casper and Charleen and John Bliss opened the business on the side of the Carlton Hotel on Traffic Way in 1950. The property, a duplex, where the flower shop is now was purchased in 1954. The Bliss family lived in half of the duplex and operated the flower shop in the other half.
At that time, Arlyne’s Flowers also offered Western Union services.

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