Author: James Brescia

Coping with new school year stress

A new school year, new job, new living arrangement, and even a new relationship can cause stress. For many, the fall means back to school, a return to routine, or time to begin a new term. Some view the fall as a chance to make a fresh start and an opportunity to make new friends. However, individuals with challenges such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities and depression may find transitions difficult. These transitions can be particularly challenging for individuals with mental health concerns because they can struggle with friendships, may have difficulty relating to teachers, or may experience feelings of discontent. If you have a loved one, friend, colleague, or acquaintance that is dealing with a mental health issue, there are ways you can assist with transitions. Local school officials and North County centers such as the LINK can identify available services and support youth and families to connect with needed services.

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Summer is an Adventure

The San Luis Obispo County Office of Education operates the Rancho El Chorro Outdoor Educational Campus. Tucked away in the hills above San Luis Obispo, these 250 protected acres include a nature preserve, a school campus, a one-room schoolhouse, incredible learning resources and a regional education conference center.

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Building Community Summit

North County is a wonderful place to work, live, play, and raise a family. Our schools and society have many linguistic, cultural, religious, ethnic, and racial issues. Small rural communities like ours are experiencing changing demographics just like large cities, and our leaders must confront these needs, perspectives, and challenges. How do we collectively address everyone and build up our community? Violence across the United States was the topic of my March Superintendent’s Council which included Atascadero school leadership, law enforcement, mental health professionals and social services. Multi-agency discussions from my March meeting served as a springboard for the May summit.

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