Author: Tom Taylor

Flash History, August 2018

The California Grizzly Bear Gaspar de Portola lead the first Spanish overland journey north from San Diego. Accompanying him was Father Juan Crespi, along with 163 men and 180 horses and mules. Father Crespi was a Franciscan...

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Flash History, July 2018

It seems to me that on the occasion of the inaugural issue of Nic and Hayley Mattson’s Colony Magazine that the meaning of the name ‘Atascadero’ should be explained and put it in its place historically.
The founder of the town of Atascadero was Edward Garner Lewis. Born and raised in cramped older cities of the eastern states, he had a vision to find a place ‘whose dwellers should have all the loveliness and healthfulness of the country with the conveniences and advantages of the city’.

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