Stand Up and Stand Out at AMS

I had many ideas about what my final article would be about-all sports-related of course. However, in light of my recent experience at AMS I decided I wouldn’t write an article for you all to read, rather I would write an article that speaks to my fellow AMS students. I am making a decision to Stand-Up and Stand Out-I want to talk about bullying and things we can do as students to ensure that it doesn’t happen to our friends, the person that sits next to us in homeroom, the person we pass every day in the hall, and to make sure we are reporting things we see, things we read on social media, and even when things happen to ourselves. I was recently in a situation where I didn’t Stand-Up for the most important person of all-Me. I want to make sure my fellow students know it is o.k. to find your voice. No one should be made to feel bad about themselves. Although it is true that we can’t like everyone, we can be kind-even if we don’t feel like it.

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